Trikaripur is the southern end of the Kasaragod District and separating border of Kasaragod and Kannur Districts and lies along the write papers for money coast of Arabian sea. Trikaripur has a famous, rich culture with deep roots in performance of Folk Arts like Kaliyattam (Theyyam) and Kolkali. Trikaripur is also a tourist destination nearby to the Valiyaparamba Back Water and Edayilekkaad Kavu.

Govt. Polytechnic College, Trikaripur under the Department of Technical Education, Kerala, started in 1998 in Kasaragod district which is a backward district in the state. The idea about a professional college in Trikarpur has been the dream of the people in and around Trikarpur. In Kerala, areas that were considered as backward like Trikarpur became developed, and made remarkable achievements in the field of education, but Trikarpur never had a chance to become the playground for professional and higher education. But the will power of people in this area and support of the politicians changed the scenario a few years back and a Polytechnic was sanctioned for Trikaripur. The people here are basically poor and mainly depend on agriculture and fishing. These neglected class had a vision and a dream about their online jobs for college students reddit childrena��s higher education especially in professional and technical education that is standardized, cheap and can easily be accessible. This institution made their dream come true. The institution is actually a blessing for the students from both Kannur and Kasaragod districts.

The institution is now known in the name of former Chief Minister of Kerala, and the great politician, Sri E.K. Nayanar as E.K. Nayanar Memorial Government Polytechnic College.